The UK Birmingham International Exhibition

The Birmingham International Exhibition in the United Kingdom was founded in 1956 and is held twice a year in spring and autumn.The exhibitors of the exhibition are all over the world, and it is one of the best professional expositions for crafts and consumer goods in the world. The largest exhibition area is more than 180,000 square meters.The exhibition exhibits exhibition area classification professional specific, covering almost all of the gift and consumer goods industry products .Autumn Fair, the 2022 Birmingham Gifts and Consumer Goods Fair in the UK, is organized by Hyve Exhibition Group,The holding cycle is: once a year.This exhibition will be held on September 04, 2022. The venue of the exhibition is United Kingdom-Birmingham-The National Exhibition Centre B40 1NT-Birmingham International Convention and Exhibition Center, United Kingdom.It is expected that the exhibition area will reach 180,000 square meters, the number of exhibitors will reach 65,000, and the number of exhibitors and brands will reach 3,000.Arranging products into different categories in each exhibition area not only facilitates buyers to quickly find the products they need and compare them, but also provides convenience for exhibitors to help them reach their target customers more easily.

Our company will participate in the British Birmingham Gifts and Consumer Goods Exhibition from September 04 to September 07, 2022. Our company will participate in the “Household Consumer Goods, Department Store Gifts” exhibition, and the exhibition content is personal care products.

Exhibition Time: 09.04~09.07, 2022 Opening time: 09:00-18:00

Exhibition industry: household consumer goods, department gifts

Organizer: Hyve Exhibition Group

Address: UK – Birmingham – The National Exhibition Centre B40 1NT – Birmingham International Convention and Exhibition Centre, UK

Holding period: once a year Exhibition area: 180,000 square meters Number of exhibitors: 3,000 Number of visitors: 65,000

Post time: Jul-13-2022